We have a very special connection with the local library, because we used to work and also made research for our main project there. It is located in the ancient convent of the “dei Monti” church, located in the old part of Mussomeli.

The library has two main parts: a smaller room with the old books and a much bigger room with all the new books. The room, which contains the old books, is home to a collection of artworks between the 15th and 20th century. These books can’t be taken out of the library, but from the other part, it’s very easy.


If you want learn Italian or if you already know, and want to read something, this is the place what you’re looking for. The ladies who work there are always helpful and funny, they will probably also prepare a coffee for you. So if you’re a big fan of books and you have some spare time in Mussomeli, we really recommend this place.

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