If you visit a place with your friends or your family, a fun thing you can make is to visit a cinema, and watch a movie. Fortunately, Mussomeli is home to a quite modern one. You can find the local cinema just next to the central square, the Piazza Umberto I.

One day we decided to see the new horror movie, “It”, and we were lucky, because they were showing it in the local cinema. The film started early in the night, around 7 p.m., and we arrived around 15 minutes before the movie started. We were quite surprised, because the cinema was equipped with all the things, what a modern one needs: you can buy snacks and drinks at the entrance, the chairs are very comfortable and the visual and sound quality of the movie is good. Every week you can watch different movies and you have the possibility to choose from three times, each day. The price of a ticket is 6 euros, and if you ask for a card, after the 5th visit, you get a free ticket. Compared to the size of Mussomeli, there were many visitors, but of course, the cinema was not full.

In our opinion, it is worth to visit the local cinema, because you can watch the newest movies in a modern and comfortable place, and not paying too much for it. If you are not really good with Italian, you should watch a more simple film or you can ask an Italian friend to join you.

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