Associazione Culturale Strauss

Associazione Culturale Strauss is a nonprofit organization that was born in Mussomeli in 1999. It is self-financed organization that is part of ARCI (Italian Cultural Recreational Association). “Arci Strauss” has as main objectives the promotion of a multicultural and multiethnic society, the dissemination of culture and values of the European community in marginal and peripheral areas such as the province of Caltanissetta, and to support for young people. Main mission of our organization is in fact to meet young people’s needs and provide them services for their social, professional, cultural and personal growing. The youngsters, target group of “Strauss”, are aged between 15 and 30 years, and many of them are living different disadvantage situation: economic; education; social; geographical, environmental, disability, etc. .. The services offered and the activities promoted by Strauss to support the reality of youth extend from the local to the international level. Specifically, the Strauss manages and works with the following services and activities:- InfoYOUTH desk; – Europe desk, that includes the Eurodesk Local Agency; – “Crea-Impresa” desk;- Pubblication of the local magazine “L’ALTERnativo;- “Borsa Lavoro” service for minors charged with crimes of various kind; – Languages laboratories, art and recycling workshops, journalistic and media laboratories; – Care, maintenance and beautification of the urban park “Villa Aldisio”; – European Youth Exchanges and Youth Initiatives in Hosting, Sending and Coordinating; – Seminars, Training Course, Study Visits in Hosting, Sending and Coordinating; – European Voluntary Service in Hosting, Sending and Coordinating; – Cultural entertainment and assistance projects for children in elementary schools; – Cultural and educational projects promoting active citizenship and cultural diversity at middle and high schools; – Inclusion and integration projects at centers for the disabled and residential communities for minors; – Projects for tourism promotion and internationalization of the territory; – Organization of seminars, conferences, Eurocinema, caravans antimafia, exhibitions and various events at the local level.Info-Youth, Europe-desk, info-H and Creaimpresa services and register a continuous flow of young people who for one or another reason need support and assistance from our side; which allows us to be always in touch with the reality of youth, understand their needs and try to satisfy them. Through these services, we support the youth community in all directions, helping the user in the preparation of a curriculum vitae, writing a letter of motivation, in preparing for a job interview, in the development of business ideas, in the research of learning experiences and opportunities in Italy or abroad, and, in general, for everything concerning the world of youth.Promotion activities and environmental awareness carried out at “ArciPark”, Borsa Lavoro service done in collaboration with the Municipality of Mussomeli, “L’ALTERnativo”, all our labs and workshops committed to youths, and all projects in first and second degree primary schools, in high schools , in centers for people with disabilities and community housing, allow Strauss to become deeply rooted in the territory and carve out a role of primary importance in civil society, as well as, of course, to promote social and cultural development of young people and the community as a whole. A further contribution to the strengthening of the role of Strauss in the local community comes from the recent reliance by the municipality of Mussomeli of the premises of the Daily Center “Francesca Sorce”, nowadays, after the renovations and adjustments made by Strauss, titled European Centre of Culture “Francesca Sorce.” It is a building of 2 floors of almost 600 square meters where Strauss has moved offices, conference rooms and accommodation for volunteers.To achieve big objectives is always necessary not to go it alone but as a team and network. For this reason Strauss among its affiliations and networks, today can boast: – ARCI – since its creation, Strauss has always been affiliated to the national association ARCI, spread throughout Italy with hundreds of member associations; – Eurodesks – since 2006, Strauss is also an active member of Eurodesk network, spread throughout Italy and in all the countries of the Programme; – RIVE – Rete Italiana Volontariato Europeo – recently established, RIVE encompasses many of the most active organizations in Italy as part of the EVS and promotes the development of quality in the specific area of the youth work. These are supplemented by “Turn ON Europe”; a network created by Strauss and which now brings together 33 member organizations around the world which cooperate to improve the quality of youth work, increase the amount of young people exchanged between members of the network and improve the condition of youth in the places of relevance.

El Grupo de Desarrollo Rural Valle del Guadalhorce es una entidad sin ánimo de lucro que, si bien tiene parte de su razón de ser en la gestión y ejecución de los programas de ayudas al desarrollo rural (Proder I desde 1998 al 2001; Leader + y Proder Andaluz entre el 2002 y el 2006 y actualmente Feader hasta 2015) en el Valle del Guadalhorce, tiene en la dinamización y en la apuesta por el desarrollo sostenible su verdadera esencia. Por ello, la dinamización económica, la dinamización social y cultural, la sensibilización ambiental, la transparencia informativa y la cooperación, son los principales ejes de trabajo de una entidad que se ha convertido en sus 13 años de andadura en un referente a nivel comarcal como entidad que aglutina la idiosincrasia de nuestra comarca.

El GDR Valle del Guadalhorce se creó en 1996 y está compuesto por un más de 500 personas y entidades socias entre los que se encuentran ayuntamientos, Diputación, asociaciones, cooperativas, sindicatos, empresas y personas físicas a nivel particular…

El método de trabajo del GDR Valle del Guadalhorce se basa en la participación ciudadana, ya que se considera que sólo conociendo la opinión de los habitantes del territorio se puede trabajar en desarrollo rural de modo sostenible.

Para ello, la asociación se vertebra en comisiones de trabajo centradas en los siguientes aspectos: Agricultura y ganadería; Formación y Empleo; Industria y Comercio; Patrimonio; y Nuevas Tecnologías.

El trabajo con estas comisiones ha derivado en la constitución, gracias al impulso del GDR Valle del Guadalhorce, de una serie de asociaciones y foros destinados a estudiar las necesidades de distintos sectores Económicos, sociales y culturales y, una vez conocidas esas necesidades, establecer líneas de actuación destinadas a la mejora, dinamización y vertebración de la vida social, económica y cultural del Valle del Guadalhorce.

GDR - Valle Del Guadalhorce


Founded in 2000, Rato – Association for the Cultural and Scientific Promotion [ADCC] is a legally recognized youth organization that develops initiatives and projects orientated for the promotion of the Information Society.

Nowadays, the association develops mainly:

  • workshops in Informatics and Information Technologies
  • multimedia and online projects for non profit organizations and initiatives

In 2004, Rato – ADCC signs with Town Hall of Seixal a formal agreement and creates in the Youth Center of Miratejo R@to – ADCC’s Center, a space dedicated to the development of training and volunteering activities in the field of Information and Communication Techonlogies.

In the same year, Rato – ADCC becomes an hosting organization for European Voluntary Service and, since then, has developed a work of promotion of different projects related to Youth Volunteering, hosting youngsters in volunteering activities, practical learning periods or freetime occupation activities combined with the methodologies and resources provided by Informatics and Information and Communiation Technologies.

ATA, the Youth Association from Transylvania is an organization set up in the end of 2011. Its founders all have extensive experience in the NGO field, by writing, managing and organizing local and regional projects, Youth in Action Exchanges, Initiatives, Voluntary projects and Trainings, and Leonardo da Vinci Mobilities. The objectives of the association is to enable youth from the Romanian region of Transylvania to take part as hosts and sending organization and be involved in European projects. This is the 3rd  project we are applying for as a new organization so we have past experience as an organization.

We aim to help develop, promote and represent the general interests of the communities in Transylvania by having volunteering based social, cultural, sporting, educational, recreational and professional training activities, and thus thus promoting the active involvement of youth in the perpetuation of ethnic, national and European values.
The objectives of the Association are to
a. represent the interests of personal, social, civil, professional, economic, sporting and recreational youth in Transylvania
b. ensure youth involvement in the conservation of traditional, folk, cultural and ethnic values in Transylvania, and to promote these values on a national and international level
c. improve youth access to opportunities offered for young people on a national, European and international level and offering information on this in our region, and
d. collaborating and forming partnerships with other groups, associations and foundations in Transylvania, Romania, in the European Union and worldwide.
We constantly work with young people and young adults, through non formal learning methods and vocational trainings in order to help them acquire skills, competencies and attitudes which help them become more successful in daily life and employment. It is important for us to make the communities we work with to think about the welfare of all its components.
We are an independent organisation, without any connection to ethnic, political or religious bodies.

Youth Association from Transylvania