“Es ya noche buena en Casa Pestiño” (trad. “It is already Christmas Eve at Casa Pestiño) sings the eponymous group of Christmas’ Flamenco during their inauguration concert for Christmas lights that, from December 8th, colours the charming town of Pizarra.

A Christmas tree of white lights illuminates the centre of the Culture Square (Plaza de la Cultura) and, all around it, coloured silhouettes represent the Nativity Scene. Bells and strands of silver lights frame the suggestive orange trees by the streets.











The event begins with the concert of the Carratraca’s Chorus playing on a stage with soft light and even with the square’s illuminations turned off. After the greeting of the Mayor, who carefully thanked all those who made this event possible, especially the commissioner Joaquín Martín Guzmán, the show begins!

Young athletes of rhythmic gymnastics run in the square, reaching the Christmas tree in the centre. There, together with the Mayor, they press a power button that light up all the illuminations.

The crowd remained astonished with these lights that illuminated Pizarra with very different colours … it is true that with Christmas, even the most serious of adults, go back to his childhood surprising himself with the shining of the lights.



The festival is now alive, on stage the concert of Casa Pestiño, an extraordinary group of Christmas Flamenco, makes dance and excite the whole square.

A very original setting: eight singers, four women and four men – with extraordinary voices – are seated at a decorated table with stars and Christmas candles and there, as if it was lunch, they had some drinks while performing traditional Spanish songs, accompanied by a complete band and a very young but already promising guitarist. In the repertoire they alternate classical  and new songs of contemporary Malaga’s Flamenco.

While the band is playing there is the possibility to visit, in the City Hall entrance, the Nativity scene that was made by local artisans. It is surprising to see its richness of details and the great art and care of how the city of Bethlehem was built.

For the youngest ones, outside of the City Hall there is a giant sculpture of Olaf, the cute snowman protagonist of the movie “Frozen”, and the house of The Magis in natural size.



Among the suggestive concert of Casa Pestiño, lights and Christmas carols on the streets, the Town of Pizarra inaugurates the most beautiful time of the year that, lived in Spain, between flamenco, buñuelos and “vino dulce, has a very special flavour.



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