Lake Rugănești


Lake Rugănești (Rugonfalvi Halastó in the local language) is the ideal place to spend a day in nature.

Artificially created between 1979 and 1982 to water the cows that grazed in the surrounding fields, nowadays it’s the go-to location for tourists who want to relax on the shore and enjoy its blue-green water all year long.

The lake is 2 km from Cristuru Secuiesc and only 800 m from the namesake village of Rugănești, and you can easily get there by car or by bike.

Walking lovers will appreciate the trail circling the lake, about two kilometers long and surrounded by beautiful hilly landscapes. Wild geese and swans live in the body of water, together with fourteen species of fish.

By showing up at the reception, open from 7:30 to 21:30, you can access the green area, to relax in the shade of the trees, picnic, build campfires or tan on the dock.

In summer you can escape the heat by swimming in the lake, which is 3,4-3,5 meters deep in the bathing side. In winter, when the lake is frozen, its surface becomes an ice-skating rink

If you want to spend the night at the lake, you’re free to pitch a tent, park the caravan or rent one of the wood cottages available for tourists, just a few meters from the shore. All the facilities have radiators and electricity, while food, drinks and free wifi are available at the bar.

Lake Rugănești is also perfect for families with children: the little ones under eight years of age get in for free and they can play in a playground with swings and sandboxes.


Fishing dock

The ideal fishing destination

The first fishes were introduced in 1985-1986 and since 2010 the lake has been constantly stocked by the actual owner.

Carps, amurs (grass carps), pikes and catfishes are only some of the lake inhabitants. Among the largest fishes caught in lake Rugăneşti there are a 25 kg carp, a 45 kg amur and a 50 kg catfish.

It is possible to fish every season of the year, even in the winter time when the lake surface is frozen, and at all hours of the day and night.

Many different fishing techniques are used to catch the fishes of this lake, such as float fishing, fixed fishing, feeder fishing and carpfishing. Fishers have to bring their own fishing equipment, but they can buy boilies at the bar.

According to the rules, “catch and release” practice is performed in the lake: the fish are unhooked and released alive in the water. Carps are the only exception, fishers can bring them home if their weight is more than 1 kg and less than 2.5 kg.

All year round many fishing tournaments are held in Rugăneşti: individual or team competitions with both local and foreign participants.
Kids can experience fishing on Children’s Day (June 1) or in autumn at the fishing camp, where they can learn basic fishing techniques and how to respect nature.
On the website it is possible to check opening times, admission prices and all the rules, while on the facebook page the lake events and activities.


Authors: Francesca Silvestri and Cristina Vasile


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