Before Christmas in Mussomeli is held a traditional market, where you can find local sweets and products, and you can also meet people. The market is called sagra delle guastedde, which means the festival of the guastedde. Guastedde is a traditional sweet from Sicily, which is prepared all the year, but more often for Christmas period.

The market really gets you in the Christmas feeling, with the beautiful decorated tree in the center, all the lights and the delicious mulled wine. The procession and the musicians in the square brought with them even more the real Christmas spirit.

This year the staff of the Arcistrauss organized a Christmas party a few days before the holidays. They invited all the people, who are helping us with our learning process. Everybody brought a present with theirselves: cakes, traditional sweets and drinks. The staff also brought pizzas and Panini with panelle, which were very tasty. We prepared together a traditional sweet, which was also very delicious. We also decorated the Christmas tree and the house, which really brought us to the Christmas spirit.

All these events were very interesting and we felt a bit more like home, even if not all of us went in their home countries to celebrate Christmas.

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